Saturday, July 7, 2007

Kannada Search is a search engine to search Kannada and Karnataka related information in the web both in Kannada and English language. One of its main feature is to type in Kannada without the use of any IME installation or using any external transliteration solutions. You can start typing the queries in Kannada similar to what you do in your regular Kannada chats! It also gives precedence to Kannada and Karnataka related sites [maintained by our team of enthu filled Kannadigas :-)] over what normally searches.

And also thanks to Google as this uses Google Custom Search Engine in the backend. So, we guess this should always give you a better or the same results compared to what you get by doing the search directly in

This blog is a forum for all KannadaSearch users to express their positive and negative feedback about the search engine, there by adding a bit more fuel to our enthu engines :-)

We thank all Kannadigas and KannadaSearchers for all the motivation! Let the HUDUKAATA (search) begin with and please use Unicode while creating the Kannada content!

Kannada Search Team.